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Linux BSPs featuring the Yocto Project compatible Ångström distribution are available at:

For more information concerning contents, licensing, known issues and full installation procedure please have a look at the respective release note document also located at above given link location.

The source code and documentation how to recreate those pre-built images can be found in the Board Support Package category.

If you'd like to evaluate Qt on our modules, Toradex recommends Qt for Device Creation. Qt for Device Creation comes with pre-built Boot to Qt images for Toradex modules.

Windows Embedded Compact

Downloads for Colibri T20/T30 and Apalis T30 modules

Windows Embedded CE 6.0
(CE6) [*1]
Winodws Embedded Compact 7
Windows Embedded Compact 2013
(CE8) [*2]
OS Image
Special OS Image

[*1] For T20 only. The WinCE 6 BSP / Workspace may work on Colibri and Apalis T30 but is not actively maintained for these modules.

[*2] For T30 only. The Windows embedded compact 2013 BSP / workspace may work for Colibri T20 but is not actively maintained for these modules.

[*3] Full featured WinCE7 image for Colibri T20

[*4] Demo image to show Windows CE booting in 480 milliseconds (for Colibri T20 1.1c only).

Downloads for Colibri PXAxxx modules

Windows CE 5.0
Windows Embedded CE 6.0
OS Image

[*1] Bootloader is Version V4.3. OS Image is V4.2

Colibri VFxx

Windows CE Images and BSP VFxx

Below you will find all of the latest Win CE 6.0, Windows Embedded Compact 7 and Windows Embedded Compact 2013 images for the Colibri VF50/ VF61 computer on module.



Windows CE SDK

Software Development Kits for all supported versions of Windows CE/Embedded Compact can be downloaded using the following links:

NOTE: Please check this page for a step-by-step installation guide.

Windows CE Libraries and Code Samples

The libraries and code samples are listed on a separate page: