Carrier Board Design

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Application Specific Carrier Board

Whilst we provide a range of off-the-shelf carrier boards which are suitable for a variety of purposes including development and series production, a large number of applications will require a custom carrier board solution, referred to as an application specific carrier board.

An application specific carrier board makes use of the standardized Colibri modules and provides additional features and/or real-world connectivity as required.

Reference Designs

In order to speed up your development time and reduce the development risk associated with custom carrier board development, we provide reference designs for our carrier boards in electronic format. These reference designs include all schematics, layout and IPC-7351 compliant component libraries in Altium designer format. We also provide the schematics in PDF format for quick reference.

We encourage our customers to use the reference designs as a starting point for any custom carrier board design. By re-using hardware subsystems already deployed on our off-the-shelf carrier board solutions, you can ensure that you are starting from a design which works and has been designed to specifically support the Colibri family of computer on modules.

Currently, we provide the aforementioned electronic design data in Altium Designer format for the Apalis Evaluation Board, Colibri Evaluation Board and the Iris carrier board, which can be freely downloaded from the following links:

Apalis Carrier Boards

Design guide for Apalis carrier boards:

Our comprehensive design guide provides a wealth of very valuable technical information to help you when designing your own custom carrier board. Important information regarding circuit design and layout helps ensure that you get your design right first time. This guide has been created by our development team who have decades of experience in hardware and software development and are the very same team that design and maintain the Colibri and Apalis product families.

Design data Apalis Evaluation Board V1.1:

Design data Apalis Evaluation Board V1.0:

Design data Ixora V1.0:

Colibri Carrier Boards

Colibri Design and Migration Guide:

The Migration Guide contains the needed steps to switch between the several Toradex Colibri modules and contains important information for custom carrier board designs.

We also highly recommend to use our Pinout Designer Tool.

Design data Colibri Evaluation Board V3.2:

Design data Colibri Evaluation Board Archive

Design data Iris Carrier Board V1.1:

Design data Viola V1.1 (NOTE: We will be coming up with new version of Viola V1.2 ( Q1 2015 ).)

Pinout Designer

The Toradex Pinout Designer is a powerful tool for configuring the pin muxing of the Colibri and Apalis modules. The tool allows comparing the interfaces of the different Toradex modules. It's easy to check whether existing carrier boards are compatible with the latest Toradex modules.

Analogue Camera Module

Design data Analogue Camera Module V1.1:

Colibri HDMI Adapter