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Daisy(d9b1cb43-27ab-11e1-8146-0021cc5d255c) is a small form factor carrier board for Robin(dab5c7cd-27ab-11e1-8146-0021cc5d255c). It is well suited for small and middle series products as well as for evaluation of Robin(dab5c7cd-27ab-11e1-8146-0021cc5d255c).

Power Supply

Care must be taken in choosing a appropriate power supply for Daisy. Toradex recommends not using a very cheap AC-Power supply since those supplies are usually missing a over voltage protection. A cheap, unregulated 12V power supply may output a up to 50% higher voltage (18V) which is over the specified maximum voltage of the CoM Express module Robin(dab5c7cd-27ab-11e1-8146-0021cc5d255c).