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Debug messages can be very helpful for developing or debugging applications. The debug messages provided by Windows CE are normally not visible. There are two ways to get to these messages:

  • Use the Debug Message Buffer feature of Windows CE (PXA only and BSP 4.1 and higher)
  • Use a serial port and a terminal (all BSP versions)

Debug Message Buffer

Available on Colibri PXAxxx BSP 4.1 and higher only
See Debug Message Buffer for details.

Debug Message over Serial

Available on All Colibri Modules
You can enable debug messages over the serial port. Using the serial port for debug messages slows down the system. It's not recommended to use the debug serial port for large amount of debug data.
To enable the debug messages over serial please follow the steps mentioned below:

set dbg.serial = 1         // Comment: 0: disable, 1: enable 
save dbg
  • Restart the Colibri.
  • Now you can see the debug messages over the serial port.

Alternatively, you can use the ConfigBlock Editor to make the setting.

NOTE: This will make the serial port unavailable for the operating system.