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It is easily possible to add Wi-Fi connectivity to our Apalis or Colibri Modules.

The list of the recommended suppliers and products is not complete. It should give you an overview of some devices and help you search for the product appropriate for your needs. Some points which should be considered when you are evaluating a Wireless device:

  • Which OS will your product use (Win CE 5/6, Windows Embedded Compact 7, Windows Embedded Compact 2013, Embedded Linux, ...). Some chips are not supported on certain operating systems. Often you have to get in contact with the suppliers to get this information.
  • Which interface do you want to to use to attach the device (PCIe, SDIO, USB, ...)?
  • Are you looking for a single chip solution that also supports other technologies like Bluetooth / ZigBee or do you only need Wi-Fi?

Preinstalled Drivers

In our Standard WinCE Image there are already drivers for the following products:

  • USB Adapter: U.S.Robotics Wireless MaXg USB Adapter USR5421 (discontinued)
  • CF Card: Pretec OC-WLBXX-A

It is also possible to Install drivers for other Wi-Fi adapters.

In our Standard Embedded Linux Images there is already a driver plus firmware for the Ambicom WL250N.

Recommended Wi-Fi Adapters

( We are continuously testing various modules listed below in section "Wi-Fi Adapter Suppliers" and will update the list of recommended Wi-Fi adapters here as well.)

  • AmbiCom WL250N-USB Wireless LAN USB Dongle, 802.11b/g/n [1]
    This device is based on the Ralink RT3070 chipset.
    Default drivers and Customized drivers for the Apalis/Colibri modules are available on our file server [5][6].
  • AmbiCom WL54-CF Wireless LAN CompactFlash Card, 802.11b/g [2]
  • Spectec SDW-823 microSDIO Card, 802.11b/g [3]
    Customized drivers for the Apalis/Colibri modules are available on our file server [6].
  • Redpine 802.11bgn 2.4GHz Module
    (CE 5, CE 6 and Windows Embedded Compact 7 supported, drivers and installers available from Redpine) [4]
  • Other Wireless LAN USB Donges which are based on the Ralink RT3070 Chipset.
    This Chipset is used by many Wi-Fi product vendors and can also be found in many low-cost USB Wi-Fi dongles.
    There are drivers for Windows CE and Linux available from Ralink. For testing you may use the customized Ambicom USB driver [5].

Wi-Fi Adapter Suppliers

There are several suppliers of Wi-Fi adapters with different interfaces. The following list gives an overview of possible options, wherever we have mentioned tested that means, either Toradex or some of our customers have tested it.

Manufacturer - product part number Chipset Interface WinCE Driver Linux Driver EN 300 328 V1.8.1 Tested Temperature Range (Deg C)
LM Technologies - LM006 Realtek RTL8188CUS USB(Adapter) Yes Yes Yes Yes -10 to 60
LM Technologies - LM820 Realtek RTL8188CUS USB(SMT module) Yes (same LM006 driver) Yes Yes Yes -10 to 60
LM Technologies - LM811 (Wi-Fi + BT) Realtek RTL8723BU USB(SMT module) No Yes No [2] No 0 to 60
LM Technologies - LM816 (Wi-Fi ) Realtek RTL8188EUS USB module) Yes (same LM006 driver)/ Inbuilt driver in WinIoT Image Yes[5] No [2] Yes -10 to 60
SparkLAN - WUBR-508N MediaTek Ralink RT5572 USB (Adapter) No Yes Yes Yes 0 to 50
AmbiCom - WL250N MediaTek Ralink RT3070 USB(Adapter) Yes Yes No Yes 0 to 40
AmbiCom - WL300N MediaTek Ralink RT2770 USB(Adapter) Yes Yes No Yes 0 to 55
Redpine Signals - RS9110-N-11-22 Redpine Signals RS9110 SPI(SMT module) Yes Yes No Info No -40 to 85
Redpine Signals - RS9113 Redpine Signals RS9113 SDIO[3] and USB (SMT module) Yes Yes No Info No -40 to 85
Ublox / Lesswire - WiBear11nDF1 Marvell 88W8787 SDIO[3](SMT module) Yes Yes Yes Yes -40 to 85
Silex - SX-SDCAN (Wi-Fi + BT) Qualcomm Atheros AR6233 SDIO[3](SMT module) No Yes No No -10 to 70
Bluegiga - WF111 Cambridge Silicon Radio UniFi CSR6031 SDIO[3](SMT module) No Yes Yes No -40 to 85
AmbiCom - WL54-SDIO N/A SDIO[3][4] (Adapter) Yes Yes No Yes 0 to 55
Spectec - SDW-823 N/A SDIO[3] (Adapter) Yes Yes No Yes 0 to 70
Spectec - SDW-821/825 N/A SDIO[3][4] (Adapter) Yes Yes No Yes 0 to 70
Murata - SN8000 Broadcom BCM43362 SDIO[3](SMT module) No Yes Yes No -40 to 85


  • [1] We experienced that USB Wi-Fi adapters require large USB buffers. It is often necessary to increase the physicalpagesize setting in order to make them work properly.
  • [2] Company has mentioned that in few months they will get this module certified for latest EU regulation.
  • [3] Check the module specific SDIO registry settings. Some WLAN devices need some additional settings, i.e. ClockAlwaysOn on Tegra and i.MX6 modules.
  • [4] Need SDBUS 1.1 downgrade, no SDHC support
  • [5] Out of kernel driver available at . Kernel drivers still in staging as of 4.8.6 release

Other Modules

Single Chip Solutions

Please contact our support team at, if you have any questions or feedback.