Platform Builder Workspaces

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Microsoft Platform Builder Workspace

Toradex provides the Microsoft Platform Builder workspaces (solution files) which can be used to build an identical image as the pre-built binary images provided by Toradex. However, we recommend to use the binary images and configure them to your needs rather than building your own image. There are many advantages:

  • The binary image is tested by Toradex and thousands of customers
  • It is easier to upgrade to a newer BSP version since you only have to upload a new binary image instead of building your own image again
  • You don't have to buy the Microsoft Platform Builder
  • It's not necessary to build your own image if you want add or exclude features. As an example you can disable drivers, install drivers, add other WinCE features like the .NET Compact Framework, disable the explorer (desktop), etc.
  • Toradex integrates the Microsoft Windows CE updates into their binary images.

In order to build a Windows CE image you need to download the workspace files and the BSP files.

Downloads for Colibri T20/T30 and Apalis T30 Modules

Windows Embedded CE 6.0
(CE6) [*1]
Winodws Embedded Compact 7
Windows Embedded Compact 2013
(CE8) [*2]
OS Image
Special OS Image

[*1] For T20 only. The WinCE 6 BSP / Workspace may work on Colibri and Apalis T30 but is not actively maintained for these modules.

[*2] For T30 only. The Windows embedded compact 2013 BSP / workspace may work for Colibri T20 but is not actively maintained for these modules.

[*3] Full featured WinCE7 image for Colibri T20

[*4] Demo image to show Windows CE booting in 480 milliseconds (for Colibri T20 1.1c only).

Downloads for Colibri PXAxxx Modules

Windows CE 5.0
Windows Embedded CE 6.0
OS Image

[*1] Bootloader is Version V4.3. OS Image is V4.2