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Installing the Operating System - Colibri Evaluation Board


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In this section, you will power on your system and use the Toradex Easy Installer to flash the latest Toradex pre-built image to your module.

In this module you will:

  • Power on your system.
  • Use the graphical interface to flash Linux.

Step 1

Press the on/off switch (SW7):

  • On/off switch

    On/off switch

You should see the Toradex Easy Installer displayed on the monitor attached to the VGA port of the Colibri Evaluation Board. Images available for download are listed. If none are currently shown, check that the Ethernet cable is connected and press "r" to refresh.

  • Toradex Easy Installer

    Toradex Easy Installer

If your module doesn't have the Toradex Easy Installer

Your module should have come with the Toradex Easy Installer pre-installed.

If this isn't the case, you can follow the link below to deploy the Toradex Easy Installer to the module before proceeding:

Toradex Easy Installer

Step 2

Use the connected keyboard arrow key buttons to navigate and select the Toradex Embedded Linux Demo with LXDE and press "i" to install and enter to confirm:

  • Confirm the Embedded Linux installation

    Confirm the Embedded Linux installation

Note: While executing this step make sure your board is connected to internet source and connection is established successfully.

Step 3

Wait for the image to be downloaded and installed:

  • Toradex image being downloaded and installed

    Toradex image being downloaded and installed

Step 4

After the Image Installed message pops-up, use the on/off button or select the Power off option to shutdown the system.

  • Installation finished

    Installation finished