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Torizon is a new Linux-based software platform that simplifies the process of developing and maintaining embedded software and allows containerized applications to run (Docker containers).

A container is a standard unit of software that packages code and all its dependencies to enable very flexible, lightweight, portable and scalable software development. To get more information regarding Docker, be sure to visit its official doccumentation.

In this module you will:

  • Test Torizon with a hello-world application
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  • Successfully completed the previous lessons from this guide.

For this lesson:

  • Have your host-target communication setup through SSH (using PuTTY client)
  • Have both host and target connected to the same network

Note: Carefully read this module's cover page clicking on "Module 2: First Steps with Torizon" on the left menu bar before starting this lesson.

Step 1

Now that you have access to your board through SSH, it is possible to fully explore Docker's capabilities. On the board's terminal, run the Docker Hello World:

docker run hello-world

Read the generated prompt to understand what happened and how Docker works.

For more information about this example and additional information about how to use Docker, please, refer to Docker Get Started page.

Step 2

Visit the Docker Hub, search for any image and try to run it with docker run <image>, or following the image documentation.

Warning: You'll only be able to run containers that support the Arm architecture!


How relevant is the processor's architecture in containers?