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Congratulations! You have reached the end of the Torizon Quickstart Guide.

We hope you felt in practice the easy-to-use approach we are making of it.

Note: We want to know your feedback. Use the "feedback" button on the right side of your screen to tell us what did you enjoy and where there is room for improvement. See you!

Let us now present you with the broad Torizon ecosystem by pointing out remarkable resource entry points for you to develop your project.

In this section you will:

  • Discover the Torizon resources you can use to develop your project.


For this Quickstart Guide:

  • Development computer with Windows 10 version 2004 (a.k.a. May 2020 update) or higher.
  • Successfully completed the previous lesson from this guide.

Useful Torizon Guides for Project Development

For the impatient, here is a list of articles that show you how you can easily integrate, pack, and load a customized TorizonCore image for your application:

  • TorizonCore Builder Tool: Is the utility responsible for preparing a given TorizonCore image for production programming, so you can easily customize the default TorizonCore image to your needs.
  • Pre-provisioning Docker Containers onto a TorizonCore image: Imagine that you want to create a TorizonCore image preloaded with the container applications you've designed, so you can just flash TorizonCore on a compatible module, and as soon as the system boots, your container applications will start automatically. This article shows you how to do that with TorizonCore Builder Tool.
  • Signing and Pushing TorizonCore Images to Torizon OTA: TorizonCore is ready for OTA updates, which is handled through Torizon OTA. This article shows how you can sign and push a customized TorizonCore image to Torizon OTA, so you can deploy that image to your devices remotely.

And then, if you want to have a deeper look at our resources for Torizon, check the section below.

Torizon Software Page

The Torizon software page is our main entry point to Torizon - it even points readers to this Quickstart Guide.

Browse the sections available to get more information about Torizon. Here are some that you may be interested at:

Toradex Container Images for Torizon

See here a list of articles that will present the Torizon container list, among some samples and details on how to customize the container images.

Take a look at the Kiosk Mode Browser with TorizonCore, for example, and see how you can easily create a web-based application to start automatically.

Article Brief Description
List of Container Images for Torizon A brief overview with a list of containers and links to additional resources
Debian Containers for Torizon Toradex provides several base containers as a friendly starting environment
TorizonCore Containers Tags and Versioning Learn more about the tags and environment variables from TorizonCore containers
Modifying TorizonCore Debian Based Container Images How to install packages and modify a base container for custom application startup
Web Browser on Toradex Computer on Modules An overview about Web Browser support on Toradex Computer on Modules
Kiosk Mode Browser with TorizonCore How to use the Kiosk Mode Browser to display web-based Graphical User Interfaces (GUI)
Qt Qt Debian Container for Torizon Example how to bring up a Qt container for Torizon
Remote Access the TorizonCore GUI Using VNC or RDP How to enable a VNC or an RDP backend in a Weston Debian Container for Torizon

Partner Container Images for Torizon

See here a list of container images provided by some of our partners, in which you can see a quick evaluation of their products.

Partner Demo Container Brief Description
Codesys Codesys Codesys PLC Runtime CODESYS programmable logic controller (PLC) demo runtime on a Torizon container and how to use it
Crank Crank Software Crank Storyboard Crank Storyboard allows you to build embedded systems optimized, rich GUI on a cross-platform IDE Matrikon OPC UA Server
Matrikon Matrikon OPC UA Server Matrikon OPC UA Server implementation by GmbH
TotalCross TotalCross TotalCross SDK TotalCross is an easy-to-use Open Source SDK aiming the fast designing of beautiful Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) for multiple platforms

Third-party Container Images for Torizon

We have also some interesting sample containers, in which you can see how to configure the execution of Node-RED, a well-known graphical programming tool through a web-based interface, and we also show how to work with multiple containers.

Container Article Brief Description
Node-RED Node-RED How to get started with Node-RED on Torizon
InfluxDB Using Multiple Containers with TorizonCore How to run multiple containers using InfluxDB and Grafana as examples
Grafana Using Multiple Containers with TorizonCore How to run multiple containers using InfluxDB and Grafana as examples

Torizon OTA

Torizon OTA is the recommended OTA method for Torizon, our easy-to-use embedded Linux platform.

You can access its page at this link, and you can read more about it Torizon OTA (Over the Air Updates) article.

  • Torizon OTA

    Torizon OTA

Toradex Labs

Some Toradex projects are born in Toradex Labs, as the Torizon OTA mentioned previously.

We invite you to stay up-to-date with our latest developments, including new projects related to Torizon, by visiting the dedicated website:

  • Toradex Labs

    Toradex Labs

Torizon Issue Tracker

Subscribe to the Torizon Issue Trackers to stay always up-to-date with the latest BSP developments:

There you will be able to keep a watch on bug-fixes, improvements, and new features.

If you find any issue, please report at our Toradex Community (detailed below), so we can analyze, diagnose, prioritize, and work on it.

  • Torizon Core Release Details

    Torizon Core Release Details

Toradex Community

You can find answers to thousands of technical questions at our Toradex Community.

And if you don't find what you are looking for, feel free to open a new question so our Developers and Field Application Engineers will assist you in your issue.

  • Toradex Community

    Toradex Community

Not to mention that you can always contact us directly at, and we'll be glad to discuss your project.

Toradex Webinars about Torizon

You can see a list of all webinars about Torizon presented so far here.

They will cover topics from the Torizon presentation itself, but you'll also find webinars about Security, Python development, Computer Vision and Machine Learning, among others.

  • Torizon Webinars

    Torizon Webinars

Other Resources

Toradex has a vast resources ecosystem that includes but is not limited to Torizon. We encourage you to keep an eye on them:

We from the Toradex team, and especially all of us involved in Torizon, thank you and wish you have a great experience ahead in developing your project.

Yours Truly, The Toradex Team