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EDT Display

EDT Display

EDT Display


Please note that this Product is going End of Life. For alternative displays, please have a look at the Capacitive Touch Display 7" Parallel or the Resistive Touch Display 7" Parallel.

This page contains a variety of information related to the EDT 5.7" and 7.0" displays and is intended to be used as a single point of access for all information you need. Cables are included with the displays and allow an easy connection to Toradex carrier boards supporting the Unified Display Interface(3176f9d2-9b62-11e1-84c8-3acc06af78be).

What I need to order

EDT Display can be ordered along with any Apalis or Colibri module and carrier board.

Where do I order

All the products can be ordered online at Toradex Webshop

First Steps

Please read the following articles before using this product.

Having trouble?

Please contact our technical support. Various option of technical support are mentioned in the article below.