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Apalis Heatsink Fan

Apalis Heatsink Fan

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Getting Started​

Toradex just added a connector to the Fan in order to make it plug and play with our Apalis carrier boards 1x3 pin header. Please refer to the Selecting a Heatsink Fan for Apalis SoMs article to know more about fans on Apalis SoMs in general.


This product is for evaluation purposes only. It wasn't thoroughly tested by Toradex and therefore cannot be recommended for volume production.

What do I need to order​

The Apalis Heatsink Fan can be ordered with Apalis modules.

Where do I order​

All the products can be ordered online at Toradex Webshop.

See the following table for individual parts from alternate suppliersΒΉ:

1Fan Delta Electronics AFB0412MA-ADigikey
2Molex 0022013037Digikey
3KK 254 Crimp Terminal, 22-30 AWGDigikey

ΒΉ Those items are suggestions to speed up the customer development process. Make sure to check the details on Selecting a Heatsink Fan for Apalis SoMs.

Having trouble?​

Please contact our technical support. Various options for technical support are mentioned in the article below.


Main Features​

  • 5000 RPM rated speed
  • Reverse polarity protection



Apalis Heatsink Fan V1.1A Datasheet Apalis Heatsink Fan V1.0A Datasheet

Additional resources​

Compatible Products​

Revision History​

Click to See the Product Numbering Scheme

Product Number (PID8) Format​

The format of the 8-digits Product Number (PID8) is the following:

Product Numbering Scheme

The below table describes the structure of the Product Number (PID8):

PPPP4-digits number, indicating the Product Configuration (PID4) that describes the key properties of the product (e.g. Product Group, RAM capacity, etc.)
VV2-digits number, indicating the Major and Minor Version (in that order)
AA2-digits number, indicating the Assembly Variant

See the complete list of available combinations on the Revision History table of the corresponding product page.


Product number (PID8): 00291100:

0029: Apalis iMX6D 512MB
11: Major Version 1, Minor Version 1, Version V1.1 in short
00: Assembly Variant A

A specific product revision has a lifecycle defined by the product state. Learn more about it on the Product Change Notifications.

2309xxxx - Apalis Heatsink Fan​

Product #Product DescriptionChanges from Previous VersionRelease DatePCN Document
Apalis Heatsink Fan V1.0A
Initial Release
January 2021
No PCN, for this evaluation product
Apalis Heatsink Fan V1.1A
Changed fan part number from Sunon MF40101V2-1000U-G99 to Delta Electronics AFB0412MA-A for improved screw mounting experience
April 2021



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