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Flash Memory


Article updated at 22 Aug 2018
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The Toradex modules uses Flash memory for its persistent memory storage. Depending on the type of module, different Flash types are used:

  • Apalis iMX6: eMMC MLC NAND Flash
  • Apalis T30: eMMC MLC NAND Flash
  • Colibri iMX6: eMMC MLC NAND Flash
  • Colibri PXA270: MLC NOR Flash with 100k write cycles
  • Colibri PXA3xx: SLC NAND Flash with 100k write cycles
  • Colibri T20: SLC NAND Flash with 60k write cycles
  • Colibri T30: eMMC MLC NAND Flash
  • Colibri VF50/VF61: SLC NAND Flash with 100k write cycles

Please note that the prerequisite to achieve the stated number of write cycles is a system software which takes care of error correction and bad block handling according to the flash memory's specifications. The requirements for error correction typically are getting more stringent with later flash memories, due to shrinking silicon geometries.
As Toradex is forced to replace flash memory types over the lifecycle of a module, the flash drivers need to be adjusted accordingly. We recommend to always use the latest release of the Toradex system software.

Toradex Flash Handling

The Toradex BSP incorporates the following features for the flash handling:

  • Flash wear levelling
  • Error detection and correction
  • Bad block management

For eMMC this functions are done by the eMMC chip itself.

Win CE Flash Layout and File System

The Flash Memory stores different type of data. Detailed information can be found in a separate article about the Flash Layout.

We are using a transaction safe file system (TFAT) for the user file storage part in the flash memory . See Flash file system.