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Linux (Colibri)


Article updated at 13 Nov 2019
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Toradex provides Linux support for all other than the PXA module family in house.
You can find the latest binary releases here:

For Colibri PXA modules Android/Linux BSPs are provided as-is. Support is currently limited and Toradex is not actively developing or maintaining them at present.

For information about building U-Boot and Linux kernel from source code have a look here.

Check the Colibri Recovery Mode to learn how to program Linux on to a Colibri T20.

Furthermore there are open source projects from 3rd parties which provide support for the Colibri modules.

Open Source Community

There is also some community activity about Linux support for the Colibri module:

  • OpenPXA: Linux with U-Boot bootloader for all Colibri PXA3xx V1.x modules
  • TocoLinux: Linux for Toradex Colibri PXA270 Modules
  • Antmicro: Uboot for the Colibri T20

Please let us know if your Linux community site is missing in this list.

Download Uboot for Linux

At the moment this is only supported by the Colibri PXAxxx

You can use Colibri Loader or the WinCE default Bootloader Eboot to download Linux Uboot to the Colibri module.

You must convert the UBoot rom file as follows:

CreateTBin uboot.rom -a 0x0 -j

Using Toradex Eboot with Linux

''At the moment this is only supported by the Colibri PXAxxx
Eboot, our default Windows CE bootloader, is also capable of running Linux. Please go to Eboot for more info.