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NVFlash 2.1/2.2 RAM timings issue on Colibri T30

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Article updated at 03 Nov 2017
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Toradex Product Numbers Affected

  • 00301100 Colibri T30 1GB IT V1.1A
  • 00301101 Colibri T30 1GB IT V1.1B
  • 00231102 Colibri T30 1GB V1.1C
  • 00231104 Colibri T30 1GB V1.1E
  • 00231105 Colibri T30 1GB V1.1F

Issue Description

This issue only affects customers using NVFlash version 2.1 or 2.2 to program their module with WinCE. Linux customers or customers using the Update Tool under WinCE are not affected.

Customers using the products mentioned above under WinCE, programming their modules using NVFlash 2.1 or 2.2 are potentially affected. Using NVFlash 2.1 or 2.2 with default settings led to RAM settings being updated from 533MHz to 800MHz. The timings used for this 800MHz RAM settings were not stable enough and could have led to misbehavior of software.

This issue has been fixed in NVFlash version 2.3 as the 800MHz timings have been adjusted to work well with all module versions.

You are not affected if your still running with 533MHz RAM frequency. To find out the what RAM frequency you are currently running, use the latest Update Tool, run it on the device and click on “Version Info”. The second line tells you which RAM frequency is used.


In case your device is affected: Get the latest Update Tool ( and run the following command:

updatetool.exe /u default.bct

Please do not run this if you are not affected as it might upgrade your RAM frequency from 533MHz to 800MHz, unless you really intend to do this speed upgrade. Also make sure you are using NVFlash 2.3 in future.

To verify if the fix was successful reboot your device, open the latest Updatetool and click on “Version Info”. The second line should show “BCT V1.0 (800 MHz)” (Before it was “BCT V0.0 (800 MHz)”).