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Article updated at 28 Feb 2019
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Warning: Update: UI Composer is now part of the Qt Framework. In most cases Getting Started with Qt is the better choice for the Graphical User Interface.

The Nvidia UI Composer is a tool to create amazing 3D User Interfaces. It has 2 parts, one is running on the development PC to create the UI, called UI Composer Studio. The other part is the UI Composer Runtime which allows the programs to run on the Colibri module (only Tegra Based Modules). UI Composer makes heavy use of OpenGL ES 2.0 including shaders.

Please have a look at the Qt Framework as well. This more commonly used on our modules and Toradex Modules are a reference platform for Qt. Qt is available for Windows CE and Linux, and Qt is supported on all Toradex Modules. Please be aware that some UI Composer viewer versions do not work on some image versions.

UI Composer Studio

The UI Composer Studio allows the artist to create the user interface in an WYSIWYG Editor(what you see is what you get editor). It allows to import form other 3D Edition programs. You can get the UI Composer Studio directly form Nvidia, go to the UI Composer Site

UI Composer Introduction Video form Nvidia

UI Composer Runtime

On the Module you require a UI Composer Runtime to display the UI Composer files. The runtime is currently available for Windows Embedded Compact 7 (UI Composer Version 5) and Linux (only on deprecated Colibri T20 BSP V1.x).

UI Composer Running on Windows Compact 7