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USB mapping (Robin, Woodpecker)

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Article updated at 27 Sep 2012
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The table shows the mapping of the USB channels on the modules and carrier boards.

Robin Z5xx V1.0 / V2.0 US15W Woodpecker V1.1 US15W CoM Express USB channel Daisy V1.0/V1.1 Lily V1.1 Lily V2.0/V2.1 B-Plus nETX-HMI Kontron Brownsville Kontron ETXexpress mini Baseboard
0 0 0 Dual low CN8 low X20, low Dual high Dual low Quad low
1 1 1 Dual high CN8 high X20, high Dual low Dual high Quad midlow
3 3 2 Header CoMside CN9 low X21, low white header 1 (right of SATA) Quad low Quad midhigh
4 4 3 Header PCB boarder CN9 high X21, high white header 2 (right of header 1) Quad midlow Quad high
6 (only 480MBit) 6 (only 480MBit) 4 PCIe MiniCard CN10 (client) ExpressCard or PCIe MiniCard NA Quad midhigh USB header 1,3,5,7
NC (EC=5) NC (EC=5) 5 NA ExpressCard X22, USB header 2,4,6,8 NA Quad high ExpressCard
7 (only 480MBit) NC (SATA=7) 6 NA P8 Pin 3+4 X22, USB header 1,3,5,7 ExpressCard ExpressCard 34, (EC1) USB header 2,4,6,8
2 (host+client) 2 (host+client) 7 (host+client) MicroUSB (host+client) P8 Pin 4+6 X23 (client) Mini USB ExpressCard 54, (EC0) NA