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BSP Layers and Reference Images for Yocto Project Issue Tracker


The following table contains known issues, scheduled bug fixes, and feature improvements for the Toradex BSP Layers and Reference Images for Yocto Project. The tickets are split in two major states:

  • Submitted (open): new features and bug fixes for BSP versions that have not yet been released. They may be scheduled for a specific release version; not planned; or in our backlog. All of them have one of the following states:
    • Known Issue: a bug or unexpected behavior that has been reported and pending a fix. Once fixed, the status will transition to Fixed.
    • Feature Request: a new feature that may be added to a future release. Once released, the status will transition to New Feature.
  • Released (closed): new features and bug fixes for BSP versions that have already been released. All of them have one of the following states:
    • Fixed: a bug that has been fixed and released.
    • New Feature: something that didn't exist before and was added to a new release.

Any schedules are not guaranteed but reflect the current planning. The planning could be shifted due to priority changes.
Issues that are scheduled for a specific version will be integrated into the mentioned version of the BSP.

We will update this table continuously in order to always provide the latest state of our development plan.

Please see also the Linux Support Strategy to learn more about the different releases.

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Issue #StatusSubjectModuleSubsystemSeveritySubmitted for Mainline

5.1.0 (Release date: 2020-12-30)
Dunfell Q4 2020 Quarterly Release. Learn more on
ELB-3177FixedApalis iMX8 External RGMII Interface IssueApalis iMX8EthernetLowNo

Description: Enabling fec2 in device tree will lead to eth0 and eth1 interfaces stop working.

5.0.0 (Release date: 2020-10-06)
Initial Dunfell Q3 2020 Quarterly Release. Learn more on
ELB-2959New FeatureVDD_EXT_RGMII Should Always Default to 3.3V on Apalis iMX8Apalis iMX8Ethernet, Power ManagementMediumNo

Description: Default VDD_EXT_RGMII to 3.3V.

ELB-2942New FeatureAdd Possibility to Switch RGMII Rail to 2.5VApalis iMX8Ethernet, Power ManagementLowNo

Description: Add possibility to switch RGMII rail to 2.5V.

3.0b1 (Release date: 2019-06-12)
This is the initial release for Apalis iMX8QM V1.0B only. See more at
ELB-1669New FeatureEthernet SupportApalis iMX8EthernetLowNo

Description: Add support for Ethernet

3.0.4 (Release date: 2020-04-21)
LTS release. Learn more on
ELB-1299New FeatureAdd support for Ethernet PHY KSZ9131Verdin iMX8M Mini, Apalis iMX8X, Apalis iMX6, Apalis iMX8EthernetLowNo

Description: KSZ9031 is not IEEE compliant and will be replaced with KSZ9131 that passed compliance testing. Currently, we do not plan to replace existing KSZ9031 PHY on iMX6 modules.

Not Planned
ELB-1694Feature RequestPerform Temperature TestsApalis iMX8Ethernet, Flash, RAMLowNo

Description: Perform general temperature test for Ethernet, RAM, Flash, CPU Load, and other features.

ELB-3158Feature RequestProperly Pass MAC Address From U-Boot to Linux KernelVerdin iMX8M Plus, Apalis iMX8X, Colibri iMX8X, Colibri iMX7, Colibri iMX6ULL, Apalis iMX8EthernetLowNo

Description: Passing Mac address from U-Boot to Linux kernel not working Properly for second PHY

Workaround: Add the aliases of both Ethernet Interfaces to the devicetree files as "ethernet0 = &fec1; ethernet1 = &fec2;"

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Issue #StatusSubjectModuleSubsystemSeveritySubmitted for Mainline

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