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Version: 6

Settings - Data Collection


This article shows you how to opt-out the telemetry collection from Torizon IDE Extension 2. Only anonymous data is collected. Before opt-out, please consider that the data we collect is used to improve your development experience and better serve you.

What's Included in the IDE Extension Telemetry Data​

  • Template chosen during project creation;
  • Host operation system version (only Kernel version);
  • Board Torizon version;
  • Board machine;
  • Error log during initialization;
  • The user region;

This data is collected only during the creation of a new project and registration of a new device.

How to Opt-in or Out​

Use the apollox.telemetry setting to enable or disable the telemetry collection. By default the apollox.telemetry is set to true.


Use the command pallet and chose:


Then add to the properties:

    "apollox.telemetry": false,

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