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Clear Registry

In a Windows CE system, there multiple instances of the system registry. Clearing the registry deletes all changes done by the customer, and sets the registry back to the factory-default state.

Invalid registry settings can render a device non-bootable. Clearing the registry fixes this kind of issue, but requires to redo all necessary modifications to the default registry configuration.

There are several ways to clear the registry in the flash memory, like:

  • Start Programs ColibriTools UpdateTool [Clear Registry on Flash] button
  • Use the Update.exe tool with command line parameters
    update.exe /c
    update.exe /cu
  • Use the Bootloader Menu. Type "C" in the bootloader menu
    On Tegra modules, it is required to launch the image by typing "L" after "C", without doing a reset inbetween.
  • Use the KernelIoControl IOCTL HAL CLEAR REG.

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