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Colibri Config

The Colibri Config Tool sets up the Colibri module. It can be used, for example, when a Colibri 312MHz module has been flashed with the 520MHz version of the Windows CE image.

  1. Go to and download the WinCE executable file: "colibri_config.exe". Copy the "colibri_config.exe" into a storage medium that can be accessed by the Evaluation Board. This can be a CF-Card, an SD-Card or a USB memory stick.
  2. Connect a PS/2 Keyboard, a PS/2 mouse and a VGA screen to the Colibri Evaluation Board.
  3. Plug your storage medium into the Colibri Evaluation Board and switch on the board.
  4. Access the storage medium and run "colibri_config.exe" in the evaluation board.
  5. You will be asked for the serial number. You can find the number on the sticker on your Colibri module. (It is formatted like "001-1234567")
  6. After entering the serial number and pressing ok, the correct frequency of operation will be programmed onto your Colibri module.
  7. Reset the evaluation board. It will now run at the correct frequency.

Since Bootloader version 2, the frequency multipliers can be changed from the command line interface. Go to the command line prompt of the Bootloader Then choose setconfig mult.

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