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Config Block

The Config Block is a special section of the Flash Layout. It basically holds the information used by the Bootloader.

Description of the Config Block Contents

The config block entries are grouped into sections. These sections contain relevant information to control the boot process and basic system properties.

Config Block Sections

!!WARNING!!: It is possible to modify the Configblock in a way that the module doesn't start any more, be care full if you modify it.

Changing the ConfigBlock Contents

There are four options to change the contents of the config block:

Bootloader Command Line

Use the Command Prompt of the Bootloader to access the Config Block data or the Config Block Editor.
The following bootloader commands are used to change config block settings

setconfig <section>.<param> <value>
saveconfig <section>
clearconfig <section>

(set, save and clear are short forms of the commands described above)

Config Block Editor (Interactive Mode)

The Config Block Editor is a WinCE application developed by Toradex. It can be used to edit settings stored in the Config Block.
You can find the Config Block Editor in the Colibri Software section.

Config Block Editor (Batch Mode)

Beginning with revision 1.1, the config block editor has a feature to change config block settings from within Windows CE.

configblockeditor.exe <batchfilename>
e.g. configblockeditor.exe \pathtofile\settings.txt

The batchfile contains a list of commands, following a simple syntax, which is very similar to the bootloader command line:

setconfig <group>.<param> <value>
saveconfig <group>
clearconfig <group>

# or ; at line start are treated as comments

Config Block Editor Application:

OS:CE5, CE6, CE7WEC2013
ApplicationConfig Block EditorConfig Block Editor

Copy Config Block

You can use Copy Flash Region to save/copy/restore the Config Block.

This feature is only supported on the Colibri PXA modules.

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