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Disable Ethernet Boot Agent (Woodpecker and Robin)

If the Woodpecker or Robin module is connected to the Ethernet, it takes quite a while to start up the system because the Realtek PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Boot Agent is looking for a Netboot Server to download the operation system image from.

To shorten the boot time you can disable this agent. To do this press Shift-F10 after the Toradex Bootscreen disappears (you will see a hint to press shift-F10 to enter the Realtek PCIe Gigabit Ethernet Boot Agent).

In the upcoming dialog you can switch between the properties by pressing the <Enter> key and change the properties by pressing the <Space> key.

Go to the property "Boot Order" and change the value to "ROM Disable". Then go to the property "Show Message Time" and set it to "1 Second". This is the minimum time the Ethernet Boot Agent will take.

You can make the ethernet boot agent invisible by setting the property "Show Config Message" to "Disable". Note that you have still the possibility to enter the Configuration Menu by pressing the Shift-F10 key after the Toradex Bootscreen disappears, also if there is no message visible (that's why the minimum message time is 1 second, otherwise there would be never an option to enter configuration menu).

Please ask for a custom BIOS without ethernet boot agent if you like to disable the ethernet boot feature at all and save again one second for booting the system.

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