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First Steps with Colibri Evaluation Board

Congratulation you got a Colibri Evaluation Board. Here your first steps to get it running.

  • Insert the Colibri Module to the 200 pin SODIMM connector.
  • Connect a mouse & keyboard to the USB host port(X32/X31).
  • Connect a monitor to the VGA port(X24) or EDT Unified Interface Display or if you do not have any display, use Remote Display Tool to see WinCE desktop on your development PC.
  • Connect 12V DC @ 3A power supply (recommended).
  • Press On/Off button on Colibri Evaluation Board.

Now, you should see the the WinCE desktop in VGA resolution in few seconds.

Note: If you use a Colibri T20 make sure you enable USB High Speed in the registry.

Connect Debug Serial Port

For video tutorial click here..

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