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Get Unique ID of Colibri Txx and Apalis T30

Every Colibri and Apalis Txx module has unique ID which can not be changed. Customer who wants to protect their application binary from getting copied and used by competitors can use this function to safeguard their interest.

Function Prototype

unsigned long long getcolibritxxuniqueid();

C example code

#include "getuniqueid.h"
int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])
unsigned long long colibriTxxUniqueId =0;
colibriTxxUniqueId = getcolibritxxuniqueid();
return 0;

The supporting code is available as a zip file. The file contains a dll as well as a static library.

We recommend to link the static library to your code - this adds an extra layer of security, as the dll can be easily replaced.

Download the Unique Id Library / DLL

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