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Microsoft Silverlight (XAML)


Silverlight for Embedded provides great tools to create very attractive user interface. Graphical Design and Program Logic are clearly separated. Silverlight for Embedded is compatible with Silverlight 3 XAML and provides a set of equivalent classes for supported XAML elements.

Silverlight was introduced in Windows CE 6.0, but highly improved for Windows Embedded Compact 7.

Silverlight is hardware accelerated on the Tegra modules and you are able to use the shaders for special effects.

Please note that the XAML components are not part of the preinstalled Win CE licence.
Toradex can provide you an cab installer for testing, for volume production you need to upgrade your licence. For more information see Windows Embedded Compact License and Components or contact our support.
|OS: | WEC7 | WEC2013 | |:-----------|:----------|:--------| | CAB installer | Yes | Yes |

Differences to the Desktop Version

Silverlight for embedded is mainly designed for user interfaces. To maximize performance C++ is used instead of .Net. For more details about the differences, see this article.

If you like to trade some of the performance to use .Net, this is possible. You can design a C/C++ interface which you can call form .Net. Here a video from Andy Wigley.

Getting Started

Toradex has several articles see the links at the bottom of the page.
There are also several tutorial on the web how to get started with Silverlight for Windows Compact 7. Here the Microsoft tutorial. You find more information on MSDN.

More Resources

Microsoft released a number of white papers many of them about Silverlight Embedded.

Performance Tips

There are some performance tips in the white papers mentioned above. If you still feel that the Silverlight does not play 100% smooth you can try to deactivate the Dynamic Frequency Switching.

Demo running on a Colibri T20

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