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Mouse Cursor

Hide the Mouse Cursor

Hide Mouse Cursor by Registry Setting

You can hide the mouse cursor in the Display driver registry settings.

  1. Open RegEdit by going to Start > Programs > ColibriTools > RegEdit

  2. Make the following change:

  • For Colibri T20/T30, Apalis T30


  • For Colibri PXAxxx, VFxx, and iMX7


  • For Colibri iMX6, Apalis iMX6


  1. Save the registry using SaveReg in ColibriTools.

  2. Restart the module.

Hide Mouse Curser Globally From an Application

You can call an escape code to globally enable/disable the mouse cursor.

#define ESCAPECODEBASE 100000

DWORD old_cursor=0;
DWORD new_cursor=0;

// Get Cursor Status
ExtEscape(GetDC(NULL), MOUSECURSOR, 0, NULL, 4, (char*)&old_cursor);

// Disable Cursor
ExtEscape(GetDC(NULL), MOUSECURSOR, 4, (char*)&new_cursor, 4, (char*)&old_cursor);

// Enable Cursor
ExtEscape(GetDC(NULL), MOUSECURSOR, 4, (char*)&new_cursor, 4, (char*)&old_cursor);


Using escape codes is not supported on iMX6

Hide the Mouse Cursor for one Application

There is an API call to hide the mouse cursor for only one application


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