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Readmem command

The readmem command is a CommandPrompt command. It allows reading 32 bit of data from the CPU Bus.

Syntax: To read 32 bit of data, type: readmem <addr> <[num]> :<addr> = 4 Byte aligned address in decimal notation. Use <0xadr> for hex notation. :<[num]> = number of Bytes to read. This parameter is optional.

Example: Reading 64 Bytes of data starting at address 0x00F0.

>readmem 0x00F0 64

000000F0: E59F02E0 E3A01000 E5801004 E5801008
00000100: E59F02D4 E3A01A03 E1A02000 E0822001
00000110: E2422004 E3A000D1 E121F000 E3A01000
00000120: E1A08001 E1A09001 E1A0A001 E1A0B001

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