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Set Memory Division

After the image is copied to the RAM, the remaining memory is divided into storage and program memory. The division ratio can be temporarily changed in the system properties:
 Start settings control panel system properties memory
The slider setting will only be applied after pressing OK.

The default Windows CE implementation doesn't save this configuration, this means it is lost after a reboot. However, the Toradex BSP supports to set the memory division at boot time.

The minimum size for the object store is 32 KB and the maximum size is 128 MB.

Setting the Memory Division in the Registry

The launcher tool which is part of the Toradex BSP is able to set a predefined memory division ratio. You can set the memory division in the registry.

"StorageMemory" =DWORD:32 ;Sets the percentage of memory used as Object Store.


This feature is available in Colibri PXA BSP V3.6 beta1.

Setting the Memory Division in an Application

If you need to change this settings permanently, you can change memory ratio directly in your end user application or write a small application and place it in the AutoRun folder. You can also use this approach if using the Colibri PXA BSP prior to V3.6 beta1.

DWORD dwStoragePages,dwRamPages,dwPageSize;

GetSystemMemoryDivision(&dwStoragePages, &dwRamPages, &dwPageSize);


You can find more information about this functions in Microsoft's Win CE help.

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