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Tools and Utilities - Windows Embedded Compact

All of this software is available for free if not stated differently. The table entries are encoded as follows:

f = full support
p = partial support

  • = no support
    N.A. = not available

Windows CE Tools

ToolDescriptionApalis iMX6Apalis T30Colibri T30Colibri T20Colibri iMX6Colibri VFxxPXA3xxPXA 270
AC97TweakConfigures some special audio codec features which are not accessible through the common wave API. Audio input settings: source left/right, micboost, gain left/right, DC filter, High pass, mute.
Audio output settings: gain left/right, bass, treble, de-emphasis, headphone driver, mute.
Audio test features
ColibriCustomizeCustomization possibility of the Colibri Win CE image. Automatically configures the registry for your own settings (Using .reg file).------ff
DbgMsgLoggerDisplays all debug messages from RAM buffer.-fff--ff
ColibriMonitorShows the usage of the CPU/RAM, processes/threads running, thread priority and has setting functionalities.ffffffff
ColibriTweakAdjusts system parameters like display settings, access registers, etc. of the Colibri module.-ppp--ff
ConfigBlockEditorEdit settings stored in the config block.ffffffff
GPIOConfigProvides an interactive interface to the versatile GPIOs of the Colibri modules.-fff-pff
ImageViewer (a)Provides basic functionality to display a single image or a slideshow.pppfppff
Launcher (a)Automatically runs any .exe or .Ink file found in an AutoRun folder or copies files in a folder AutoCopy folder on each storage medium.ffffffff
RegAccessToolRead from and Write to physical addresses (registers, etc.) in 8bit/16bit/32bit format (Formerly part of Colibri Tweak tool).-fff-fpp
RTCSync (a)Synchronizes the system time with the RTC chip on I2C.ffffffff
SplashScreen Changes the picture which you can see while WinCE is booting. Now integrated in to the Update Tool.-fff--ff
TouchTweakAdjusts the touch screen driver to your touch screen if required.------ff
UpdateTool (a)Updates the WinCE Image and bootloader, warmboot or coldboot, etc, part of the standard image.-ppp--ff
VideoPlayer (a)included in standard WinCE image.-fff----


  • (a) Already included in the image.

See here for more information on our Windows CE features.

Download Here

PC Tools

ToolDescriptionPrice (Support Hours)
Colibri LoaderLoads bootloader over JTAG (only for Colibri PXAxxx modules), load Images over EthernetFree
RemoteDisplayControls the Colibri module by a desktop PC (keyboard, mouse, display, file transfer) using a connection through ActiveSync (USB) or Ethernet.Free
CreateTBinThis Windows program converts an OS binary file into a format that works with the Toradex Tool Chain.Free
Splash Screen CustomizerCreates a customized splashscreen which can be shown while Windows CE is booting.4
Win CE Image CompressorReduces the size of the Windows CE Image to about 50%. This leaves more flash space for user applications or the flash file system.5

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