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USB Client on PXA310

USB 2.0 Client issue on Colibri PXA310

The Colibri PXA310 provides a USB 2.0 Client interface. This leads to high USB wire layout requirements regarding impedance. On our EvalBoard, we do not match the needs for USB 2.0, therefore the USB Client of the Colibri PXA310 will not work in High Speed mode on this board (also true for Orchid board).
There are several possibilities to use USB Client of the Colibri PXA310 on the EvalBoard:

  • The Toradex WinCE driver for PXA310 USB2FN is set to be full speed by default (WinCE V3.4b2 and onwards). Therefore the connection works also on the EvalBoard. To set it to HighSpeed, you have to modify the following registry keys:

"HighSpeed"=dword:1 ; 0: disable HighSpeed (default), 1: enable HighSpeed

  • Use a USB 1.1 (FullSpeed) hub between the Colibri and your PC.

  • Disable the USB 2.0 Controller (USB2 Enhanced Host Controller) in the DeviceManager of your PC. To do this, open the Device Manager (ControlPanel->System->Hardware->DeviceManager), open the USB controllers item and disable all enhanced USB Host controllers by right-click->disable. You can enable the USB2.0 controllers again when not needing the USB Client connection to the PXA310 module.

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