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USB Webcam for Windows CE


There is an open source Windows CE driver for Logitech USB webcam available on CodePlex. It only supports the UVC USB webcams. Also, please read the following article: How to use USB Webcam

  • List of the webcams supporting UVC (link)
  • Driver on CodePlex (archived link)
  • Since it supports the UVC class, it will also work with all UVC supported cameras.

We have tested with the following cameras:

  • Logitech C210
  • Logitech C270
  • Logitech C300
  • Logitech C310
  • Logitech C120
  • Logitech C920
  • KBCR_M06VU
  • KBCR_S01MU

Toradex also provides cab installer for the driver. You can find the download link below. Please do not change the default installation path.

Stream Driver Demo(UVC)


DirectShow Driver Demo(UVC)


For Tegra modules, make sure the USB High Speed is activated.

Source Code Download


  • Frame rate is limited to 7 fps at 320x240 with Colibri VF61 because DMA transfer is not implemented in the USB Host driver and MJPEG decoding process takes more time.
  • Stream UVC demo application supported MJPEG format only. But stream UVC driver can support both YUY2 and MJPEG formats.
  • Directshow UVC demo application supported YUY2 format only. But Directshow UVC driver can support both YUY2 and MJPEG formats.
  • Glitches can be observed in the camera preview while running UVC stream driver application on T20 running under WinCE6. Please disable L2 cache to fix this issue.
    * Please enter into bootloader menu
* set pex.l2enable=0
* save pex
* Reboot
  • Preview will be very slow when using GDI render method and may encounter an exception when using DDRAW render method on DirectShow application on T20 running under WinCE6.
  • UVC DirectShow application preview can be seen only on Unified Display interface and doesn't show on external VGA display on Apalis T30.


If the camera is not working, Please follow the below-mentioned steps

  • Please verify if the following debug print is displaying on the debug console when connecting the USB Camera to the Windows CE device.
    UVC Driver Loading....Done
  • There is PreferredWidth and PreferredHeight registry available in this path [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\USB\ClientDrivers\Video_Class]. Comprehensively test for all supported resolutions of that camera(Please connect USB Camera to a PC or Laptop.You can find details about the supported resolutions of that camera using the camera application on the computer).
  • Please change USB High Speed parameter. If enabled, disable it or vice versa and test again with the USB Camera.
  • If the Directshow application is not working on WinCE Modules, please download Binary BSP and Workspace of the respective system and add the following Directshow components and perform CLEAN SYSGEN.
    - SYSGEN_USB<br />
    - SYSGEN_DSHOW_DMO<br />
    - SYSGEN_DCOM<br />
    After sysgen, use generated binary(NK.nb0 or NK.bin) for evaluating USB camera.

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