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Windows CE Library - I2C Library - (I2CLib)


this is a legacy library and thus not supported by Toradex anymore. We recommend that you use the new libraries for all Toradex modules. Please see the Toradex CE Libraries and Code Samples for up-to-date information.


This library manages communications via the I2C interfaces.

Current Version


Application Notes

This library supports 100KBPS and 400KBPS.

This library uses a mutex called 'I2C' to control against simultaneous access.

Currently, this library supports only one I2C instance at a time.

Revision History

DateRevChange Notes
29/06/2015V4.4Add support for non-DWORD-aligned receive buffer (Tegra only)
Prevent possible application hang (add timeout) when i2c signals were floating low.
30/10/2014V4.3Add support for all i2c channels on T20 and T30.
09/07/2014V4.2Fix i2c protocol in I2CBurstRead() for T20 and T30:
Do not send STOP condition after transmitting the offset value.
15/04/2014V4.1.1Internally mask slave address for the range 0..127
11/03/2014V4.1Fixed missing deinit of a variable for the T20/T30 modules in the I2CDeInit() function
Added more error checks

Library API


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