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Toradex WEC runtime licensing / WEC Support


Windows Embedded Compact (WEC) has reached - or is reaching - End-Of-Life (EOL), depending on the version you are using and the date when you are reading this article.

This article answers common questions asked by our customers with regard to Windows CE support on Toradex SoMs. You might also find it useful to read Windows Embedded Compact License and Components.

Windows Embedded Compact (WEC) / WinCE End-of-Life

Visit the Microsoft website to learn support end dates from Microsoft for different WEC / WinCE versions:

Microsoft will provide this license until 31. May 2028, the EOL (End of License) date. Toradex is bound by its CLA with Microsoft and thus can only sell its products (i.e. SOM) bundled with the WEC2013 runtime licenses until this EOL date.

Toradex' customers having their own CLA agreement with Microsoft are similarly categorized as OEM. They thus are also limited by this date from which it is no longer allowed to bring devices with this software to market.

Customers without their own CLA agreement with Microsoft are accounted as distributors of the Toradex product and may resell their end-product even after this EOL date.

For warranty claims of end-customers, local regulations do define an additional period, during which Toradex customers may replace existing end-products using the runtime license. In many markets, this period is 2 years.

Toradex WEC / WinCE Support

Learn about topics related to Toradex in the next sections.


Toradex will continue to sell the specific computer on modules with the WEC2013 runtime license until either the SoM reaches EOL or May 31th 2028, whatever date is earlier.

The exact date for the Last Time Buy (LTB) for licenses is May 31th 2028.

It is allowed using any older WEC/WinCE version on Toradex SoMs with a WEC 2013 license, i.e. WinCE 5/6 (Core), and WEC 7 (C7NR).

Security Patches

Security patches will be released only for WEC 2013, until Oct 10, 2023. Paid support might be possible after this date in some cases, check the Fixed Lifecycle Policy - Microsoft Lifecycle for details.

Migration Path

Torizon is the preferred migration path for Windows CE customers. Torizon was created with our large customer base of WEC/WinCE customers in mind. Torizon supports Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, .NET, and is ready-to-use, allowing you to use Windows development tools and at the same time tapping into the large Linux ecosystem. Features as remote updates and monitoring are also available out-of-the-box.

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