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Camera Interface on Toradex Computer Modules


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This article aims to provide an overview about the camera interface on Toradex computer modules. Toradex computer modules provide various interfaces to connect a camera, such as Parallel Camera Interface, USB 2.0/3.0, Ethernet, MIPI-CSI.

Note: Not all modules support USB 3.0, CSI interface, please refer datasheet of the module to check if required interface is supported or not.


Camera support on Windows CE

Parallel Camera Interface

Toradex modules do not support the native Analogue camera interface, but one can use Analogue Camera Adapter to connect a 4x Analogue camera.

All Toradex modules(except Apalis TK1) support the parallel camera interface. Refer this article for more details on how to set up a parallel camera on a Tegra-based module. If you plan to use parallel camera interface on an IMX6-based module you can find additional information in the respective Using iMX6 Camera Interface in Windows CE article.


All Toradex modules have native Ethernet support. The Colibri family supports 10/100Mbit and the Apalis family supports up to 1Gbit Ethernet. Most of the IP cameras support MJPEG or H264 RTSP. Windows CE supports MJPEG Software codec. H264 software codec is not yet available for WinCE.


USB 2.0 Host interface is available on all the modules to connect USB Cameras. We have an article explaining how to set up a USB camera in WinCE.

USB 3.0 interface is only available on the Apalis TK1 module but there is no WinCE support.


The Apalis module family provides MIPI-CSI interfaces on type-specific pins.

Toradex offers a CSI Camera Module with the 5MP OV5640 sensor which is compatible with Apalis modules and the Ixora Carrier Board V1.1A (and Apalis Evaluation Board via FFC receptacle available on future versions of Apalis mezzanine boards). Refer to the CSI Camera Module 5MP OV5640 (Windows CE) article for usage information.

The Colibri module family does not provide MIPI-CSI interfaces.

Please get in touch with Toradex Support to learn more about future support, or if you have questions or feedback.