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Tianma RGB Display Adapter Board

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Aim of this article is to give few display examples to the developer working on Toradex module.

Toradex module provides LCD interface (18/24 bit) which can be used to connect most of the RGB LCDs available in the market. On Apalis/Colibri Evaluation board or Iris/Ixora/Viola carrier board, Unified Display Interface is provided to connect RGB LCD from EDT. EDT displays are available on our webshop.

In order to connect other manufacturers RGB LCDs, following things need to done:

  • Proper pin mapping of RGB signals.
  • Proper pin mapping of touch signals.
  • Back-light LED driver circuit with back-light on/off/dimming(PWM) feature.
  • Power management chip for different voltage generation for LCD.

NOTE: Tianma Display Adapter Board design is just an example, not fully optimized for production. Toradex do not manufacture these boards, but we have given all design data.

Tianma LCDs under test using Adapter Board

Tianma 3.5" LCD with Toradex Computer Module

Tianma 7.0 Inch RGB LCD interface with Toradex module

S.No Part no. Size Resolution Interface Touch Interface adapter board
1 TM035KBH02 3.5" 320x240 24 Bit RGB 4W R Touch SCH | Altium project | Registry settings
2 TM070RBH10 7.0" 800x480 24 Bit RGB 4W R Touch SCH | Altium project | Registry settings

Other displays compatible with Tianma 7" Display adapter

S.No Part no. Size Resolution Interface Touch
ZETTLER DISPLAYS ATM0700D6C 7.0 800 x 480 RGB24 Yes
CHIME INNOLUX AT070TN94 7.0 800x600 RGB24 Yes
Displaytech DT070ATFT 7.0 800x480 RGB24 No
Displaytech DT070ATFT-TS 7.0 800x480 RGB24 No

Note: Verify and if required adapt the over-voltage and current resistors on the display adapter board according to the backlight LED power requirements of the LCD to connect.