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WEC T20 / T30 BSP Release


The following table contains known issues, scheduled bug fixes, and feature improvements for the Tegra Windows CE BSPs and images.

Any schedules are not guaranteed, but reflect the current planning. The planning could be shifted due to priority changes.
Issues which are scheduled for a specific version (e.g. V1.3beta1) will be integrated in the mentioned version of the BSP.

We will update this table continuously in order to always provide the latest state of our development plan.

Odd beta versions, as 1.0b1 or 1.3b3, are internal releases only for testing. They are omitted from the table.

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Issue #StatusSubjectModuleSubsystemWinCE OS

Not Planned
WC-1747Known IssueThreads with higher priority (<101) can freeze the deviceColibri T20, Colibri T30, Apalis T30WinCE FeatureWEC7, WEC2013

Description: If you are running a a thraed with high priority (above 101) this can freeze the device. The device will not be able to handle any other interrupt.

Workaround: Prevent forcing high priority threads to core 1. Do not use high priority threads (above prio 101) whenever possible.