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Torizon is a new Linux-based software platform that simplifies the process of developing and maintaining embedded software. It allows you to configure the system for your use case quickly and easily, so you can focus on application development instead of Linux builds.


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Torizon fully supports the following modules, which use eMMC as flash storage:

How to Start

Follow our Step-by-step Quickstart Guide for fully supported modules as an overview step to get you set up in no time.

After you have completed it you can have a complete and updated overview of TorizonCore on the TorizonCore Overview article. You can also check the other tabs from this article, there you can find a list of Torizon features as well as a list of related articles.


TorizonCore is installed via the Toradex Easy Installer that comes pre-installed in Toradex SoMs from the factory. Install the TorizonCore image with Docker runtime:

  • Install TorizonCore image with Docker runtime

    Install TorizonCore image with Docker runtime

Access to Command-line

Upon booting one can login on the serial console (debug UART) or from the network via SSH using the following user and password:

  • User: torizon
  • Password: torizon

On the first login, you are prompted to change the default password. You can then execute commands as root with sudo <command> or gain root access from within the Linux shell with sudo su.

Additional Resources

Check out ongoing projects on Toradex Labs:

  • Simple and secure over-the-air updates including the client-side integrated on TorizonCore and the server-side hosted by Toradex on the cloud - or by yourself on-premises - provided by the Torizon OTA.
  • Security is a priority for Torizon. The Security Advisor Tool is able to run a security audit on Torizon Systems.
  • Flash status and lifespan made easy, provided via a web UI in the Flash Analytics Tool. Check out our webinar on Flash Memory in Embedded Linux Systems for an overview of how it works.

Torizon Documentation

An overview of relevant articles is presented in this tab. You can scroll through contents or click on your topic of interest below:

First Steps and Essentials, Environment Setup, Application Development, Partner Demo Containers, Toradex Containers, Third-party Containers, Torizon Tools and TorizonCore Customization, Graphical User Interface (GUI), Hardware Access, Networking, Multimedia, Camera and Video Processing, Other Demos and Additional Resources, Computer Vision (CV), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL), Over-the-air Updates (OTA), Cloud and IoT Integration, Security, BSP Source Code and Build Instructions

We use icons to help you identify the content in an article:

First Steps and Essentials

Article Brief Description
Quickstart Guide A guide for you to start with Toradex modules
TorizonCore Technical Overview A plentiful overview of TorizonCore and its features
Run and Manage Docker Container on Torizon How to run and manage containers on TorizonCore
SSH on Linux Access the Linux console (terminal) through the network and configure passwordless access
Torizon Frequently Asked Questions Frequently asked question about Torizon and TorizonCore.
TorizonCore Release Detailed list of known bugs and workarounds, and new and upcoming features for TorizonCore.
Torizon IDE Extensions Release Detailed list of known bugs and workarounds, and new and upcoming features for the Torizon IDE Extensions.

Environment Setup

Article Brief Description
Configure Build Environment for Torizon Containers Prepare your host machine to cross-build ARM containers
Visual Studio Code Extension for Torizon Learn how to install, configure and use the VS Extension on Torizon
Visual Studio Extension for Torizon Learn how to develop, deploy and debug your application using VS Code on Torizon
How to speed-up docker containers builds on Linux Learn tips and tricks to build containers fast

Application Development

Article Brief Description
.NET Core Development and Debugging on Torizon Using Visual Studio Code Setup a .NET Core development environment for Visual Studio Code
Python development on TorizonCore Overview article about how to do Python development on TorizonCore
Python Development and Debugging on Torizon Using Visual Studio Code Setup a Python development environment for Visual Studio Code
How to do C/C++ Development on Torizon Conceptual article on how to develop your own app targeting Debian-based containers
C/C++ Development and Debugging on Torizon Using Visual Studio Developer workflow for creating Torizon based apps using the Visual Studio Extension for Torizon
Using Multiple Containers with TorizonCore How to orchestrate multiple containers and manage the inter-communication process
Qt C++ application development using Visual Studio Code and Torizon Learn how to integrate Qt Design Studio with Visual Studio Code
Torizon Qt Creator How to use Qt Creator with Torizon
List of Container Images for Torizon A list of containers and additional resources
Persistent Journald Logging How switch from in-RAM to persistent Journald logging

Partner Demo Containers

Partner Demo Containers are ready-to-use demonstrations fully integrated into containers.

           Partner Demo Container Brief Description
Codesys Codesys Codesys PLC Runtime CODESYS programmable logic controller (PLC) demo runtime on a Torizon container and how to use it
Crank Crank Software Crank Storyboard Crank Storyboard allows you to build embedded systems optimized, rich GUI on a cross-platform IDE
TotalCross TotalCross TotalCross SDK TotalCross is an easy-to-use Open Source SDK aiming the fast designing of beautiful Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) for multiple platforms

Toradex Containers

Article Brief Description
Debian Containers for Torizon Toradex provides several base containers as a friendly starting environment
Modifying TorizonCore Debian Based Container Images How to install packages and modify a base container for custom application startup
Qt Qt Debian Container for Torizon Example how to bring up a Qt container for Torizon

Third-party Containers

Container Article Brief Description
Node-RED Node-RED How to get started with Node-RED on Torizon
InfluxDB Using Multiple Containers with TorizonCore How to run multiple containers using InfluxDB and Grafana as examples
Grafana Using Multiple Containers with TorizonCore How to run multiple containers using InfluxDB and Grafana as examples

Torizon Tools and TorizonCore Customization

Article Brief Description
Developer Tools Container for TorizonCore A container with developer tools for TorizonCore
TorizonCore Builder Tool Create a Torizon image with your modifications/containers
Device Tree Overlays How to modify the device tree without having to re-compile it
Device Tree Customization Examples Some examples of Device Tree Customization
Pin Multiplexing - Changing Pin Functionalities in the Linux Device Tree How to create a dts file to change the pin muxing configuration
Setting up Displays with Torizon How to set up displays with Torizon
Splash Screen Customization on TorizonCore Learn how to change the splash screen using initramfs
Touch Screen Calibration (Torizon) How to use weston-touch-calibrator to calibrate the touch
Pre-provisioning Docker Containers onto a TorizonCore image How to preinstall a Docker Container onto a TorizonCore image using your PC

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Find other Graphical User Interface frameworks in the Partner Demo Containers section.

      Article Brief Description
Qt Getting Started with Qt Overview article including the pros and cons of using Torizon as the platform for Qt apps
Qt How to build a GUI with Qt for Python and TorizonCore How to use Qt for Python in TorizonCore, relying on the Qt Debian Container for Torizon
Blazor How to Build a GUI with ASP.NET Core and Blazor for TorizonCore Create a local or remote graphical user interface with Blazor

Hardware Access

Article Brief Description
GPIO (Linux) Generic article partially related to Torizon
How to Use GPIO on TorizonCore How to access GPIO using libgpiod, the new Linux kernel API for GPIO
How to Use GPIO with Torizon Visual Studio Extension How to manipulate GPIO using Torizon C/C++ Application development Visual Studio Plugin
How to Use UART on TorizonCore How to add a UART device to be accessed in a containerized application in TorizonCore
How to Use UART with Torizon VS Code Extension How to manipulate UART using Visual Studio Code Extension for Torizon
Using PWM in a Container How to use PWM in a Container
How to Use I2C on Torizon How to give containers access to I2C devices in Torizon
How to Use CAN on TorizonCore How to use CAN on Torizon both from the command-line and VS Code
EtherCAT How to get started with EtherCAT on Toradex modules


Article Brief Description
How to connect to a Wi-Fi network Basics on how to connect to a Wi-Fi network
Networking with TorizonCore Learn how to use nmcli, a command-line client for NetworkManager

Multimedia, Camera and Video Processing

Article Brief Description
How to use Gstreamer on TorizonCore How to enable Gstreamer support in a Toradex base container and run a sample pipeline
How to use OpenCL 1.2 in iMX8 on Torizon How to install and integrate OpenCL libraries to your application

Other Demos and Additional Resources

Those demos may not be fully packaged in containers, or require extra steps to work.

Article Brief Description
Geppetto Gumstix Geppetto Geppetto is a drag-and-drop designer tool to create custom carrier boards
AWS Apalis iMX8 Embedded Vision Kit with Allied Vision A powerful and flexible platform that contains everything to quickly deploy and test Embedded Computer Vision algorithms
AWS Partner Demo Image - Amazon Web Services (AWS) AI at the Edge Pasta Detection Demo End-to-end demonstration of pasta detection using deep learning and connected to the AWS cloud
AWS Build the AWS AI at the Edge Demo Image How to build the Partner Demo Image Amazon Web Services (AWS) AI at the Edge Pasta Detection Demo from scratch

Computer Vision (CV), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL)

Article Brief Description
Train a Neural Network for Object Detection algorithm (SSD) for iMX8 boards using SageMaker Neo Learn how to train your own machine learn model using Amazon SageMaker Neo
Executing models tuned by SageMaker Neo in a Docker Container using DLR runtime, Gstreamer and OpenCV How to run Object Detection algorithms optimized by SageMaker
Torizon Sample: Using OpenCV for Computer Vision How you can quickly build an application with OpenCV using Python
Torizon Sample: Image Classification with Tensorflow Lite How you can quickly build an application with Tensorflow Lite using Python


Warning: the Torizon OTA is a project currently under development at Toradex Labs. It is still an experimental project in it's early stages which is subject to changes without notice. This might impact new releases and/or iterations.

Article Brief Description
Over-The-Air Updates An overview of over-the-air update technologies for Toradex modules
Torizon OTA An overview of the Torizon OTA, the OTA solution integrated to Torizon
OSTree An overview of a core technology used in the Torizon OTA
Create OSTree Union How to modify files inside OSTree
Update Your Device Using HERE OTA Connect Use this OTA software management solution for device updates

Cloud and IoT Integration

Article Brief Description
Getting Started with AWS IoT Greengrass for Torizon How to connect to AWS IoT Greengrass using Torizon containers


Article Brief Description
A71CH Secure Element Demo Demonstration on how to use the NXP A71CH Secure Element on Colibri iMX6ULL and Torizon

BSP Source Code and Build Instructions

Article Brief Description
Yocto Project Overview of Yocto in the context of the Toradex Embedded Linux offerings
Build TorizonCore With Yocto How to build the TorizonCore distribution natively or inside a build environment in a Docker container
Embedded Linux Release Matrix High-level overview of the versions of the Linux kernel, U-Boot and Yocto for Toradex Embedded Linux releases

Other Articles

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