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Torizon is a new Linux-based software platform that simplifies the process of developing and maintaining embedded software. It allows you to configure the system for your use case quickly and easily, so you can focus on application development instead of Linux builds.


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Torizon fully supports the following modules, which use eMMC as flash storage:

How to Start

Follow our Step-by-step Quickstart Guide for fully supported modules as an overview step to get you set up in no time.

After you have completed it you can have a complete and updated overview of TorizonCore on the TorizonCore Overview article. You can also check the other tabs from this article, there you can find a list of Torizon features as well as a list of related articles.


TorizonCore is installed via the Toradex Easy Installer that comes pre-installed in Toradex SoMs from the factory. Install the TorizonCore image with Docker runtime:

  • Install TorizonCore image with Docker runtime

    Install TorizonCore image with Docker runtime

Access to Command-line

Upon booting one can login on the serial console (debug UART) or from the network via SSH using the following user and password:

  • User: torizon
  • Password: torizon

On the first login, you are prompted to change the default password. You can then execute commands as root with sudo <command> or gain root access from within the Linux shell with sudo su.

Additional Resources

Check out ongoing projects on Toradex Labs:

  • Simple and secure over-the-air updates including the client-side integrated on TorizonCore and the server-side hosted by Toradex on the cloud - or by yourself on-premises - provided by the Torizon OTA.
  • Security is a priority for Torizon. The Security Advisor Tool is able to run a security audit on Torizon Systems.
  • Flash status and lifespan made easy, provided via a web UI in the Flash Analytics Tool. Check out our webinar on Flash Memory in Embedded Linux Systems for an overview of how it works.