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Toradex Windows 10 IoT Core (Pro) Strategy

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Toradex sees great potential in Microsoft’s latest operating system: Windows 10 IoT Core (Pro). The approach of a unified kernel and universal application layer unites development and deployment efforts across multiple platforms. That is why Toradex is working closely with Microsoft and various SoC vendors to bring this new technology to our customers. As this operating system is still in its infancy, we would like to inform our partners and customers about our respective strategy and schedule.

Current Support Status

With the WinIoT Kit, we allow our customers to test and evaluate Windows 10 IoT Core on an industrial grade platform: Toradex Colibri T30 1GB System on Module (SoM). The current offering is still limited and as-is. We currently don't put any effort in further development until we see a clear strategy and commitment from the involved companies. We anyway encourage customers to provide feedback about their use-cases and requirements through the Win 10 IoT Core space of our community website:

Note that Customer questions will be exclusively answered through this community platform. Questions regarding Windows 10 IoT Core and our offerings need to be tagged with the pre-defined tag “win iot”.

Support of Additional Platforms

As we strongly believe in the benefits of Windows 10 IoT Core, we would like to bring support to more of our SoMs. We are in close contact with Microsoft and our SoC vendors. At this time, we cannot disclose any further details such as roadmaps, etc. publicly.