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Enclosures for Toradex Boards


The aim of this article is to list all the enclosures we have designed or are available from a third-party. The design data of these enclosures is available free of cost which can be downloaded and reused.

Enclosure for Viola carrier board​

Enclosure for Iris carrier board​

Enclosure for Ixora carrier board​

  • Will be published soon

HMI Reference Design​

We have created HMI reference design using our Viola carrier board with 7" / 4.3" LCDs. The design data of the HMI enclosure is also available free of cost.

7" HMI Demo Enclosure​
4.3" HMI Demo Enclosure​

Please go through HMI reference design article for more details, and to download the CAD design step files.

Third-party enclosures​

Viola Enclosure​

Iris Enclosure​

Ixora Enclosure​

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