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New Toradex's Developer Website

This page contains all relevant information regarding the migration of Toradex's current documentation website to this website you are currently visiting.

Feel free to leave feedback!

Current features overview​

Initial contentSelect the most important articles from our documentation and migrate them to this website✅
Search featureThe Algolia integration is to be implemented and configured✅
Versioned pagesMigrate each article's different versions to their respective version folder✅
User feedbackCollect user feedback through available pages and direct them to our to-dos✅
Category pagesImplement category landing pages, for the navbar menu and for overviews✅
Missing contentSome content (especially complex tables) have not been migrated✅
Carrier Board Design articlesThe carrier board design guides and articles need to be migrated❌
Design guidelinesContent has not historically followed any design guidelines. Fix this❌
SEO best practicesContent needs to be migrated respecting SEO best practices❌
Quickstart migrationWe have to migrate the quickstart guide to the new website❌
Issue tracker migrationWe have to migrate the issue tracker to the new website❌
News subscriptionsThere has to be a way for users to subscribe to Toradex's news❌
Artifacts integrationArtifacts must be integrated in the new website, to serve our pre-built images❌
Altium 365 supportAltium viewer is used to visualize our boards schematics, we have to port it❌
  • ✅ Implemented
  • ⚒ Currently being implemented
  • ❌ Not yet implemented



  • Official launch of the New Developer Website
  • Major bug fixes and content improvements
  • Final migration of articles


  • Initial public release of the website 🎉
  • Bug fixes and content improvement


  • Implements JIRA integration, to gather user feedback on every article.
  • Content bug fixes


  • Implements Category Pages (e.g. Linux Peripheral Access) as overview and landing pages for every section.
  • Content bug fixes


  • Overhaul in homepage design
  • Make the design align more with Toradex's style
  • Content bug fixes


  • Chose to use Algolia as the search provider. We have configured everything related to this.
  • Content bug fixes


  • Insert each article in its own version URL. Possibily we will find bugs related to this in the future.
  • Change tabs on article to accomodate for the change in versioning style.
  • Content bug fixes


  • Setup the framework and get everything ready
  • Migrates initial batch of relevant articles from original developer website to this one.