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New Toradex's Developer Website

This page contains all relevant information regarding the migration status of Toradex's developer website. The older version is still available at

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Current features overview​

Initial contentSelect the relevant articles from our documentation and migrate them to this website✅
Search featureThe Algolia integration is to be implemented and configured✅
Versioned pagesMigrate each article's different versions to their respective version folder✅
User feedbackCollect user feedback through available pages and direct them to our to-dos✅
Category pagesImplement category landing pages, for the navbar menu and for overviews✅
Quickstart migrationWe have to migrate the quickstart guide to the new website✅
Carrier Board Design articlesThe carrier board design guides and articles need to be migrated✅
Altium 365 supportAltium viewer is used to visualize our boards schematics, we have to port it✅
Artifacts integrationArtifacts must be integrated in the new website, to serve our pre-built images➖
Issue tracker migrationWe have to migrate the issue tracker to the new website❌
News and PCN subscriptionsThere has to be a way for users to subscribe to Toradex's news and PCNs❌
Compare versions featureA feature that allows users to view diffs or articles between versions❌
Improve mobile websiteUsers browsing on mobile devices won't have a pleasant experience currently❌

✅ Implemented

➖ Partially implemented

❌ Not yet implemented

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