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Toradex CE Libraries and Code Samples


Toradex CE Libraries

The Toradex Libraries are intended to support all major interfaces and Toradex OS extensions for your Windows CE environment.

The libraries are currently available for Colibri T20, T30, VFxx, iMX6, iMX7, as well as for Apalis T30 and iMX6 modules.

The ZIP file contains

  • A dll containing all libraries
  • static lib files for Visual Studio
  • Header Files
  • A *.chm help file containing the API reference.
    The help file will give you an overview of the supported features as well as detailed reference information for all libraries.

Important Note: Windows normally blocks the content of .chm help files. When you open the file, you will only be able to see the navigation tree, but no content!
To enable the contents:
- Store the .chm file on a local folder (not a network drive)
- In the file explorer, right-click onto the file, and open the Properties dialog
- Press the Unblock button.

Legacy Windows CE Software Libraries for PXA and Tegra Modules

The table below details the libraries currently available - a consolidated library containing binary versions of these libraries, demos, sample code and change notes can be downloaded here:

The libraries can be used for CE5, CE6, WEC7 and WEC203. Use the libraries in folders as stated below:

OS Folder Name Notes
Windows CE5 Toradex_CE600 (ARMv4I)Debug/Release
Windows CE6 Toradex_CE600 (ARMv4I)Debug/Release
Windows Embedded Compact 7 Toradex_CE600 (ARMv4I)Debug/Release
Windows Embedded Compact 2013 Toradex_CE800 (ARMv4I)Debug/Release Available in library release V2.0 and later

NOTE: For VFxx libraries, check the section Toradex CE Libraries for VFxx above.

Use of this software is subject to an End user License Agreement which can be viewed here:

Source Code

Source Code for the libraries is available and can be obtained by purchasing the number of support hours given in the right-most column and then contacting us to arrange delivery. You may request updates to source code for six months after the date of purchase.

The table entries are encoded as follows:

f = full support
p = partial support
- = no support
N.A. = not available

Library Description Apalis T30 Colibri T30 Colibri T20 PXA3xx PXA270 Source Code Price
ADCLib Communicates with audio codec and four analog-to-digital channels f f f f f 4h
CANLib-SJA1000 Interfaces to SJA1000 CAN Controller - f f f f 4h
CANLib-MCP2515 Interfaces to MCP2515 CAN Controller f f f f f 4h
CLKLib Manages clocks settings f f f f f 2h
CloudLib Allows access to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform f f f f f N.A.
CoProcLib Interfaces to the Co-Processor registers for Clock and Power modes f f f f f N.A.
DMALib DMA handling, including channel allocation and DMA transfer control - - - f f 4h
FreqLib Manages clock frequencies and core voltage of the module f f f f f 2h
GPIOLib Manages General Purpose IO pins f f f f f 2h
I2CLib Manages communications via the I2C interfaces f f f f f 2h
ImgInfoLib Provides functions to work with flash images - - - f f 4h
IntLib Manages installable Interrupt Service Routines f f f f f 2h
MapRegLib Provides for the mapping of physical registers to virtual addresses f f f f f 2h
MemLib Manages memory timings - - - f f N.A.
OverlayLib RGB and YUV Overlays for use with video and images - - - f f 4h
PWMLib Manages the PWM interfaces f f f f f 2h
SPILib / SPIDMALib Manages the SPI interfaces (polled) f f f f f 2h
SysInfoLib Provides access to configuration information - f f f f 4h
UpdateLib Manages programming of Image/Bootloader/Registry in on-board flash - p p f f N.A.
WatchDogLib Manages the integrated Watchdog - - - f - 2h

Legacy Library API for VFxx

Important Note: There is no further development or support on these legacy libraries. We strongly recommend to use the new Toradex CE Libraries for VFxx and iMX6!

For compatibility reasons, we first implemented some of libraries with VF50 / VF61 support using the legacy API. This includes

  • ClkLib, CoProcLib, GpioLib, I2cLib, ImgInfoLib, IntLib, KernelCallbackLib, MapRegLib

If you need to redownload old libraries please contact

Only the Toradex Windows CE release V1.0 for Vybrid and later is supported by these legacy libraries.

Sample codes

We provide sample demo codes which enables user to quickly test the peripherals on Toradex CoMs.

Sample Code Description Apalis T30 Colibri T30 Colibri T20 PXA3xx PXA270
Camera Demo Parallel camera interface demo project f f f - -

Camera demo project build setup:
1. Download Windows CE Software Libraries for PXA and Tegra Modules.
2. Extract the content in a directory.
3. Keep CameraDemo project inside the LibsDemos directory.
4. Copy \CameraTegra\VSproperty directory files to \wincelib_bin_V2_0bis_2868(Windows CE software library directory).
5. If Toradex SDK is not installed, download and install SDK.
6. Open the project(".sln" or ".vcproj") file in Visual studio 2008 and build the project.

NOTE: If you have any questions or feedback, please contact our support.