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How to use Cortex-M on TI AM62


The objetive of this article is to provide useful links from TI that would work for Cortex-M on Verdin AM62 module.

Download and Setup

Setting up the Processor SDK

For software development, TI provides a tool called Processor SDK Linux. On their website, you can download the most suitable SDK for your use case.

Setting Up MCU and SDK

TI provides on its GitHub all information to setup MCU and SDK for the AM62. This repository also provides some examples applications, their HAL, their BSP, and examples for M4F/R5 cores.

Communication Between Cores

Using RPMsg Protocol

Follow the IPC examples to understand how to use the RPMsg Protocol. For more information on how to use RPMsg, refer to the IPC for AM62x article.

Using RemoteProc

TI provides all steps on how to use their RemoteProc on the RemoteProc article.

Additional Resources

TI has a Developer Portal where they provide training articles in order to make using Cortex-M on AM62 easier.

The Academy from TI provides guided examples.

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