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Chang Hong DA-2458-02 RP-SMA

Chang Hong DA-2458-02 RP-SMA

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Getting Started​

Recommendation for a first-time order​

Chang Hong DA-2458-02 RP-SMA can be ordered along with any Apalis or Colibri module with on-board Wi-Fi/Bluetooth. It needs an RP-SMA to MHF4 cable for connection between the SoM and the antenna.

All the products can be ordered online at Toradex Webshop.

First Steps​

Learn more about how to use your antenna in our developer articles:

Having trouble?​

Please contact our technical support. Various options of technical support are mentioned in the article below.


Main Features​

  • Antenna type: Dipole
  • Antenna cable configuration: pigtail cable needed
  • Connector type: RP-SMA (male)
  • Frequency bands: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz (dual-band)
  • Dimensions: 106.0 x 10.0 (max. diameter) mm
  • Certified for CE, FCC, IC, TELEC and WPC


Chang Hong DA-2458-02 RP-SMA Datasheet

Compatible Products​

Revision History​

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Product Number (PID8) Format​

The format of the 8-digits Product Number (PID8) is the following:

Product Numbering Scheme

The below table describes the structure of the Product Number (PID8):

PPPP4-digits number, indicating the Product Configuration (PID4) that describes the key properties of the product (e.g. Product Group, RAM capacity, etc.)
VV2-digits number, indicating the Major and Minor Version (in that order)
AA2-digits number, indicating the Assembly Variant

See the complete list of available combinations on the Revision History table of the corresponding product page.


Product number (PID8): 00291100:

0029: Apalis iMX6D 512MB
11: Major Version 1, Minor Version 1, Version V1.1 in short
00: Assembly Variant A

A specific product revision has a lifecycle defined by the product state. Learn more about it on the Product Change Notifications.

2151xxxx - Chang Hong DA-2458-02 RP-SMA​

Product #Product DescriptionChanges from Previous VersionRelease DatePCN Document
Chang Hong DA-2458-02 RP-SMA V1.0A
Initial Release



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