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Version: 6

Repository Sharing


This article explains how to share devices, fleets, security credentials, and package updates between different users of Torizon Platform Services.

Account & Repositories​

The resources available on your Torizon Platform Services account - fleets, devices, API clients, security credentials and updates - are organized in a repository that can be shared between different users. Your repository is created when you create your account in Torizon Platform Services. You can invite other users of Torizon Platform Services to your repository with different Guest Profiles. This also allows you to access other user's repositories.

Check in the picture below how to access the Repository Sharing feature under your Torizon Platform Services Account section (1), how to invite users (2) with different Guest Profiles (3), and how to access repositories shared with you (4).

Guest Profiles​

When inviting users to access your repository, you should set the Guest Profile. Each Guest Profile gives a different access level to the features. Check the table below:

Read AccessUpdate AccessDevice ManageFull AccessRepository Owner
View Fleets & Devices✓✓✓✓✓
Create, read, update and delete Fleets-✓✓✓✓
Publish Updates-✓✓✓✓
Create Devices (Provisioning)--✓✓✓
Create, read and delete Packages---✓✓
View API Clients----✓
Create API Clients----✓
Invite users to the repository----✓

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