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Version: 6

Upgrading from TorizonCore 5.x to TorizonCore 6.x


This document explains the exact workflow that must be followed to properly perform the upgrade from TorizonCore 5.x to TorizonCore 6.x.

This procedure differs from the regular update procedure because it involves updating the bootloader (U-Boot) prior to the Operating System.

Transition Sequence

This is the sequence that you must follow to move to the newest TorizonCore 6.

1 - Update to the latest TorizonCore 5.x series: you must install at least TorizonCore 5.7.2 or a newer 5.x release if available, because only these have all the newest features to perform a correct bootloader upgrade.

2 - Perform a bootloader upgrade. The process of upgrading the bootloader is documented in the Bootloader Updates Article.

3 - Perform a regular OS update. Either build a custom image based on the newer versions or install a standard image from the Torizon Platform Services feeds (if you are not using customizations).

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