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Cameras on Toradex System on Modules


This article provides an overview of cameras on Toradex system on modules. Toradex SoMs provide various interfaces to connect cameras, such as Parallel Camera Interface, USB, Ethernet and MIPI CSI-2. We also provide a camera database with devices that have been reported working at least once, either by one of our customers, our partners or from internal testing.

The available interfaces are specific to every Toradex SoM. Always consult the datasheet to confirm that an interface is available.

Hardware Support on Linux


  • The Verdin module family provides one quad-lane MIPI CSI-2 interface on reserved pins, according to the Verdin Family Specification. This means that, as long as the SoC used in a Verdin SoM has a MIPI CSI-2 interface, Toradex makes sure it's always exposed on fixed pins.
  • The Apalis module family provides MIPI CSI-2 interfaces on type-specific pins.
  • The Colibri module family does not provide MIPI-CSI interfaces. Some SoMs, as the Colibri iMX8X, have a MIPI CSI-2 interface exposed in an additional FFC connector.

The recommended camera to be used with Toradex Modules for an easier out-of-the-box experience is the CSI Camera Set 5MP AR0521 Color. Support is not available for all modules and all software releases, have a look at the Compatible Products section for more information.

The legacy CSI Camera Module with the 5MP OV5640 sensor has reached end-of-life. Scroll down this article to find cameras from our partners, as well as other cameras that have been reported working at least once in our camera database.

Our partner Antmicro Ltd. authored a blog post about using CSI with Toradex Apalis modules.

Parallel Camera Interface

Various Toradex modules support the parallel camera interface. Always consult the datasheet to confirm that an interface is available. Refer to the article How to use Analogue Camera Adapter/Analog Camera Module on Embedded Linux for more details on how to set up a parallel camera.

Toradex SoMs do not natively support analog camera interface but one can use the Analogue Camera Adapter to connect 4x analog cameras, switching data to read one camera at a time.


USB 2.0 Host interface is available on all the modules to connect USB Cameras while USB 3.0 interface is only available on specific modules from the Apalis SoM Family and the Verdin SoM Family. Check the specific datasheets for further details. The article Webcam (Linux) is a starting point on how to use a USB camera on Linux.


All Toradex modules have native Ethernet support. The Colibri family of SoMs supports 10/100Mbit ethernet, while the Apalis and Verdin families support up to 1Gbit. This enabled the use of GIGE cameras in Apalis and Verdin SoMs.

Most of the IP cameras support MJPEG or H264 encoded video streams via RTSP. The article Audio/Video over RTP (Linux) has more details on how to handle network video streams.

Software Support on Linux

BSP Layers and Reference Images for Yocto Project

With cameras, device driver integration may be a challenge. You should consider how good is the Linux device driver support from your camera vendor.

Unless you use a camera with a proprietary API, usually it's listed as a /dev/videoX device that can be controlled and configured from the user space using the Video4Linux2, a.k.a v4l2 API and utils, and accessed using the GStreamer API and utils. Learn more on related articles:

Torizon OS

Keep in mind that, as Torizon OS is based on the BSP Layers for Yocto Project, the information provided in the previous section is valid, but you need to install and run the utilities from inside a container. In addition to the previously mentioned articles, learn more on Torizon OS-related articles:

Camera Partners

E-con Systems

e-con Systems, a leading MIPI CSI-2 camera module manufacturer, has partnered with Toradex to provide embedded vision camera solutions with/for Toradex System On Modules.

Currently, there are 4 camera modules:


Each of the devices above is integrated into our Cameras Database.

Please refer to the e-con Systems page to learn more about it.

Cameras Database

Browse the Peripheral Database for Cameras that should work on Toradex System on Modules.

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