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This section is meant as an introduction to the documentation tools provided by the Toradex developer website for its customer base. Although the getting-started guide is focused on Embedded Linux, this section is useful for all customers.

The screenshots presented were taken in a desktop sized screen, but the developer website is also designed for mobile devices. All screenshots in this guide are also clickable, which opens the full sized images in a pop-up box and helps visualizing details and highlights.

Search Boxes

The central search box, as well as the quick search box available in the top-right corner of the website, allow you to search for any topic you might be interested in. It searches for the keywords in the Toradex main website, developer website and community, as well as in documents. Type the keywords and click the search button to use it. As an example, the 'Linux' keyword is entered in the central search box:

  • Search box

    Search box

  • Search result

    Search result

It is possible to filter the search results by source, such as the developer website or the community. The results are presented below the filters as clickable links with brief descriptions.

Note: You can also search by tags, which helps finding content relevant for your SoC, Carrier Board, Operating System, accessory, etc.

Getting Started Tab

This is the tab that leads to the current Getting Started guide. There you can choose your System on Module and Carrier Board configuration in order to start a step-by-step guide meant for newcomers to the Embedded Linux world or even experienced developers that are new to the Toradex products.

  • Getting Started tab

    Getting Started tab

Products Tab

The products tab presents a list of Toradex products. All of them are linked to the correspondent products page from the developer website, which in turn presents information and additional resources about the products.

Each product has information about how to get started, datasheets, revision history and many other relevant information.

  • Products tab

    Products tab

Carrier Board Design Tab

This tab provides links to relevant material that helps you to design your own carrier board. Some customers might use off-the-shelf Toradex carrier boards, while others may need a specific designed board for their use case.

In this tab you will have access to the Toradex design guides, reference designs, Pinout Designer Tool and network of hardware service partners.

  • Carrier Board Design tab

    Carrier Board Design tab

Software Tab

This tab provides links to all supported Operating Systems for the Toradex system on modules. They are divided in In-house Support, which are OSs supported by Toradex and Third Party Support, which are supported by Toradex partners.

This is a good place to dive deeper, after finishing the Getting Started Guide. In the Linux page, for instance, links are provided to the Binary Images page, where you find our latest pre-built Embedded Linux images and the Release Roadmap, where you can browse for known issues, scheduled bug fixes and feature improvements for the Toradex BSPs and images. Other useful links are provided as well, therefore you are highly encouraged to explore the software tab.

  • Software tab

    Software tab

Partner Network Tab

The Partner Network tab redirects to a page that provides a list of Toradex services partners and third party hardware available.

  • Partner Network page

    Partner Network page

Support Community Tab

This tab redirects to the Toradex Community, where you can ask questions publicly or privately and search for other users' questions. The Toradex Community is moderated by Toradex members and very often they write answers, therefore you can expect a high level of reliability on the community contents.

  • Toradex Community

    Toradex Community

Note: Please make sure that you read the How to Use the Community article before interacting.

Videos Tab

This tab redirects to the Toradex videos page, where all recorded webinars, demos, technical support and events videos are listed.

  • Videos tab

    Videos tab

Additional support channels

In addition to the developer website, community and webinars, Toradex provides support by phone and email. Visit the Technical Support page for additional information.