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SMB support


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CIFS or Samba Support to Access/Mount Windows Network Shares.

First install required packages:

opkg update
opkg install cifs-utils libsmbclient0 samba

Please note that the cifs-utils package is unfortunately not currently available in any Ångström feed and needs to be built as per our OpenEmbedded instructions.

Optionally verify in-kernel Cifs Support

root@colibri_t20:~# cat /proc/filesystems | grep cifs
nodev   cifs


Allows easy access of any Windows share similar to e.g. an FTP server:

root@colibri_t20:~# smbclient --user=<user> //<server>/<share>
Enter <user>'s password: 
Domain=[YOURDOMAIN] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba x.y.z]
smb: \> 


Seamless access on a file basis is possible through in-kernel cifs file system driver as follows (Note: requires kernel cifs support as outlined above):

root@colibri_t20:~# mount.cifs //<server>/<share> /mnt/net -o user=<user>