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AirPrime MC7455 - Sierra Wireless

Manufacture: Sierra Wireless
Device Type: Cellular
Interface: PCIe
Operating Temperature: -30°C to +70°C
Features: GNSS: Yes
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Compatible Setups

The following table shows which setups were tested with this device, including the setup details and date of test:

Hardware / Firmware VersionModule (Version)Board (Version)OS (OS / BSP Version)NoteTest Date
Rev A / -Apalis iMX6 (QM 4GB WB IT V1.0A)Ixora (QM 4GB IT V1.0B)Yocto (Linux) (2.8)

It is necessary to install NetworkManager 1.21.1 and ModemManager 1.10.1. Currently this versions are not available in the standard BSP. Please see section below for more information.


Add support for MC7455 to BSP2.8b6

Add NetworkManager and ModemManager from the following meta layer:
A short description on how to build the image can be found in the README file.

Mini PCIe Modems

Attention: The form factor is mini PCIe. The mini PCIe form factor standard has one USB interface. Almost always, modems with mini PCIe form factor only use the USB interface to exchange data. You must check the datasheet of the specific device for more details.