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Apalis iMX8 Power Consumption


This is one of a series of posts about Toradex modules' power consumption measurements. This article provides information about the power consumption of Apalis iMX8.

The Apalis iMX8's power consumption depends on the devices connected to it. Below are the power consumption results of several test cases, demonstrating realistic system configurations at various CPU loads.


Toradex tests its modules following internal protocols as a way of standardizing the results. The overall power consumption of each module depends on multiple factors, such as:

  • Environmental temperature
  • Particular Silicon Revision of the SoC
  • Versions of the Software Components installed on the module
  • Use cases

The following results were achieved by simulating an ideal scenario. Applications in different conditions may not achieve the exact same results. It is suggested that a customer measures its SoM's power consumption under its own particular use cases before designing hardware based on this data.

Testing Conditions​

  • The tests were performed using 3 different modules of each model.
  • The provided data is the average of the results obtained for each module group.
  • All of the SoMs were heated up first (using a stress test) to simulate the conditions of a continuous use scenario.

0037 Apalis iMX8QM 4GB WB IT V1.1B​


Test caseMean Power Consumption [W]Max Power Consumption [W]
Idle after 20 min4.7384.878
Stress 1 core5.8906.495
Stress 2 core5.4826.259
Stress 3 core6.1667.208
Stress 4 core7.2708.599
Stress 5 core8.3609.757
Stress 6 core8.92211.244
Idle (headless)4.5884.862
Headless & Full stress8.71310.879
Iperf3 ethernet & Full stress9.74511.041
Iperf3 Wi-Fi & Full stress11.16712.588
Glmark2 & full stress13.34917.943
HD video & full stress10.77412.402
Max stress: all cores stressed, glmark2b,iperf3 wifi 2.4GHz, and Ethernet13.89618.191

0037 Apalis iMX8QM 4GB WB IT V1.1E​


Test caseMean Power Consumption [W]Max Power Consumption [W]
idle +20min4,6765,056
Stress 15,0665,646
Stress 26,3997,509
Stress 36,6997,835
Stress 47,4719,000
Stress 59,0709,269
Stress 68,38910,898
headless idle3,7983,914
headless full stress7,94710,470
headless ethernet4,1324,233
headless iperf full stress8,74310,463
full stress glmark211,76615,371
full stress video playing9,91014,263
max stress11,83215,509
suspend mode0,9490,979
poweroff +2min0,0000,000

0047 Apalis iMX8QM 4GB IT V1.1B​


Test caseMean Power Consumption [W]Max Power Consumption [W]
Idle after 20 min4.294.43
stress 1 core5.045.73
Stress 2 core5.285.88
Stress 3 core6.527.2
Stress 4 core6.857.56
Stress 5 core7.098.06
Stress 6 core8.168.97
Idle (headless)4.124.57
Headless & full stress6.847.80
Iperf3 eth & full stress8.799.88
Glmark2 & full stress13.8416.92
HD video & full stress9.219.80
Max stress: full stress, iperf3 ethernet and glmark14.1617.1
RTC after shutdown0.053 uW-
RTC after power off0.053 uW-

0047 Apalis iMX8QM 4GB IT V1.1D​


Test caseMean Power Consumption [W]Max Power Consumption [W]
idle +20min4,4514,733
Stress 14,7765,555
Stress 26,2817,364
Stress 36,6127,928
Stress 47,3708,937
Stress 58,06910,100
Stress 68,26710,930
headless idle3,5543,659
headless full stress7,84210,257
headless ethernet3,8853,979
headless iperf full stress8,71910,276
full stress glmark210,49114,161
full stress video playing10,29612,544
max stress11,19414,593
suspend mode0,7760,836
poweroff +2min0,0000,000

0048 Apalis iMX8QP 2GB WB V1.1B​


Test caseMean Power Consumption [W]Max Power Consumption [W]
Idle after 20 min4.835.24
Stress 1 core5.145.59
Stress 2 core5.375.88
Stress 3 core5.616.12
Stress 4 core6.747.21
Stress 5 core7.017.23
Stress 6 coren/an/a
Idle (headless)4.625.07
Headless & full stress6.796.97
Iperf3 eth & full stress7.737.91
Iperf3 wifi & full stress9.389.16
Glmark2 & full stress10.3212.03
HD video & full stress8.688.95
Max stress: full stress, iperf3 ethernet, iperf3 Wi-Fi and glmark11.1013.40

0049 Apalis iMX8QP 2GB V1.1B​


Test caseMean Power Consumption [W]Max Power Consumption [W]
Idle after 20 min4.214.57
Stress 1 core4.545.00
Stress 2 core4.775.24
Stress 3 core4.995.45
Stress 4 core6.166.57
Stress 5 core6.456.59
Headless idle4.034.47
Headless & full stress6.226.40
Iperf3 eth & full stress7.187.42
Glmark2 & full stress9.8311.45
HD video & full stress8.128.41
Max stress: full stress, iperf3 ethernet and glmark9.8211.47
RTC after shutdown0.052 uW-
RTC after power off0.049 uW-

0067 Apalis iMX8QM 8GB WB IT V1.1A​


Test caseMean Power Consumption [W]Max Power Consumption [W]
idle +20min5,0055,087
Stress 15,4475,887
Stress 26,8857,717
Stress 37,1988,456
Stress 48,0269,163
Stress 58,67910,844
Stress 68,93411,190
headless idle3,9834,213
headless full stress8,35010,861
headless ethernet4,3314,530
headless wifi 2.4GHz4,1045,498
headless wifi 5GHz4,0865,498
headless iperf full stress9,24410,288
full stress glmark212,31014,564
full stress video playing10,17511,558
max stress11,87614,934
suspend mode1,0021,025
poweroff +2min0,0000,000

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